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Sulphite Neutralizer Drops

Do you have side effects when you drink a glass of wine, a cider or even fruit juice?


 Just Aid Brand products are sulphite-neutralizing drops that are a safe and scientifically proven way to enjoy a glass of your favourite wine, cider or fruit juice without the unpleasant side effects.

Through our own research, and by teaming up with leading authorities, we’ve developed new product offerings and enhanced existing formulas to reduce the sulphites in your beverage. Sulphite Aid is your single-bottle convenient solution to all your sulphite sensitivities.

Live, look and feel better — we’ll take care of your drinks.

Sulphite Aid
Flavour Aid
pH Balance Aid
Chateau Spill Wine Stain Removal

What people say about our Sulphite Neutralizing Drops

Yay! I can drink wine again without migraines! Best product since sliced bread people!

Meredith Haywood

Fabulous product!

Corinne Hart-Davies

Definitely helps me with my post-wine headaches. Works like a charm

Candy DeRijk

This has helped with my sinus issues, some red wine’s triggers it, saw a friend use it at a party and ever since I’ve used it with great results.

Ciska Beukes

I just love this new-found product. So I love red wine BUT mother nature has a sense of humour and I can’t drink it because it contains sulphites. So I was forced to drink only organic wine that doesn’t contain it. I was told about this product and I just had to try… needless to say this is my new favourite accessory that goes everywhere! It genuinely works! No more migraines or other allergic reactions. LOVE IT!!!!

Anelda Adlam MIchael

Great product. I was a bit sceptical. But after the first night trying one glass with the drops. It’s now a no-go-with-out dinner partner.

David C Balance

It works!

Juliet McCree

Awesome additive to my red wine absolutely found that I have noooo sinus at all Added 5 drops to my red wine 750ml and noooo sinus or reaction at all – got the drops at pick and pay liquor store.
Andrew Bre

I should be your ambassador, as I go everywhere with my drops and always share my experience with those I am sharing my wine with. I love your product!

Bronwyn Campos

Excellent product

Anne-Marie Terblanché

Worked like a bomb for my sulphite and sugar headaches…what a relief I can enjoy wine again!

Candy DeRijk